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Title: Ringa Linga
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{ C O M I N G  S O O N }

You’re actually more 4D than anyone perceives you to be.

Taeyang/태양/sun, never stop shining
You make fans smile and feel warm with your presence, just like flowers and the sun. You’ll always be a kid to us, like how you are, at heart (and you’re never afraid to show it).

Happy 25th/26th birthday sunshine ♡ #happyYBday

Music (for me) is… it’s hard to explain with a word, but it’s becoming an important and necessary existence as time passes by. I was always happy whenever I received a good song or when I am on a stage with that song. Honestly, I think I will have a hard time if I think about music not existing in this world. Music brings very important meaning to not only me, but to everyone.Taeyang

☀ 18.05.1988 - 18.05.2012 
No matter what happens, you’ll always be the shine, the shine that brightens up a winter night, the shine that brings happiness and joy to us. You are our sunshine. It’s your day, May 18. The winter had passed. Now it’s summer. Now it’s the time for the sun, the time for SOLAR.
Happy Birthday to you, Teydaddy ~

Evolution of Tae Yang
Happy Birthday Young Bae! Just wanted to let you know that… I love your adorable shy mannerism. I love how hard working you are. I love your squishy eye-smile. I love your ‘never give up’ attitude. I love how humble you are. I love your exceptional dancing. I love your flawless singing. And last but not least, I love you for being you. I hope you have a beautiful, blessed birthday!
Dong Young Bae, May 18 1988