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My all is in you
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no we don’t use that room there was once a spider in it

Thanks to you for working so hard every day, thanks for making us smile, cry and have so many mixed emotions that we can’t even handle anymore. thanks for being best, absolute and perfect in everything you do and also thanks for making our wallets cry every single day. but most of all, thank you for always making us proud.” #BAP3rdWin

do u ever hear some lyrics and it feels like someone just stabbed you

stop and look at me

we are a bit different

“Bem mais fácil escrever um romance do que viver um.”

normal day at the airport nbd

“Certos amores são pra ser vividos de longe.”
Salve Jorge.

“O tempo anda difícil e a vida tropeçando.”
Mallu Magalhães.

“Acostume-se. Na vida você vai ver coisas das quais não está preparado.”

25/50 of Kiseop

“I hate distance. You meet the best people and they are always far away.”
R.K., Facebook

Title: 눈, 코, 입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips) ENG ver.
Artist: 에릭남 (Eric Nam)
Plays: 53885