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11 / photos of Super Junior: Shindong in Paris

“G-Dragon started working on BIGBANG’s new album officially a few days ago. People can listen to BIGBANG new songs this summer”
— YG (Source: Daum - Translated by: @ShrimpLJY)

Title: 남자답게 (Be A Man)
Artist: MBLAQ
Plays: 19523


Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS MBLAQ! ♥

Should I be a man and let you go?
Should I let go of your tightly held hand?
Should I hug you goodbye?

You can’t even imagine how hard it is,
I thought about the future with you.

“Não preciso conhecer o mundo pra saber que ninguém é tão bom pra mim igual você é.”
Carol Alves, promisse.

Boy groups that debuted in 2012

“Go for someone who is proud to have you.”
— Frank Ocean

my tempermental catallena,
everyone’s falling for her
chic and proud, catellena 
jutti meri oye hoi hoi hoi, i’m bewitched!


i hope one day you are at peace with yourself. i hope you can take a shower without crying and you can close your eyes without thinking about your funeral. i hope one day you start singing in the shower again and are happy for no reason. i hope you get better, because you really deserve to.